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Where do Buyers come from April 2020?

Blog by Dave Collins | May 19th, 2020

These statistics from Apri 2020 are interesting and highlite buyer trends during this time of Covid Pandemic:

From within Board area 
– 65.15% (last summer 60.17% so higher)
From Lower Mainland/Island –15.15% (last summer similar 15% ish)
From Alberta – 5.30% (last summer ( last summer average around 8% so much lower)
From other Areas BC – 6.06% (last summer similar)
From E Canada/Maritimes – 6.06% (last summer 7-9% seasonal stat)
From Sask./Manitoba – 1.52% (last summer/fall similar)
From outside Canada – 0.76% ( much lower - usually 2% ish but Jan/Feb was trending higher towards 4%, March zero!)
From the NWT/Yukon – 0% (Lower)

The April statistics of where buyers came from that did purchase during the lockdown is very interesting. Keep in mind that overall sales activity was about 42% of normal or generally the slowest April in decades - because of the lockdown and travel restrictions.

But! As expected most activty was local. Vancouver was still showing resiliency and if Vancouver picks up for sales acitivity then we here in the Okananga will pick up as well. Once global travel becomes safe again, see Canada as a safe haven for many from other countries, making the Okanagan a continued place for people to relocate to both form withing Canada and abroad.