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Peachland Homes for Sale Market Update

Blog by Dave Collins | March 6th, 2016

Peachland Homes for Sale - Inventory for single family homes, condominiums and townhouses is very low at the moment. Currently as of March 5/2016 in Peachland there are:

1. 40 single family homes for sale in all price ranges - I have seen this figure go well over 100 in the past
2. 7 condominium apartments for sale in all price ranges - again this is very low inventory
3. 11 townhomes for sale in all price ranges - some of which are under construction

As well the most recent sales of single family homes under $400,000 all involved multiple offers - indicating a seller's market at the low to mid price range for single family homes. Prices have noticeably appreciated in the last 6 months with sale values for various properties surprising many realtors including myself.

With low interest rates and strong demand the the lower mainland and a weak Canadian dollar, there is strong interest in local properties for sale.